Eshott Airfield can be considered challenging if it’s your first time flying to us so please read our guide below and phone for PPR on the day.


Eshott Airfield currently offers AvGas 100LL and JetA1. If you require fuel rotors running, please ensure that you have gained PPR to ensure an efficient and safe refuel.

Noise Abatement

The airfield has a number of noise sensitive areas nearby. We ask that you please take a look at the SkyDemon plate which provides a good insight into the areas that you must avoid. The airfield where possible will use runway 19RH, as it also allows for a circuit away from noise sensitive areas

Open Circuit Map


The airfield operates 09:00 - 19:00 on 7 days of the week. The airfield does not have runway lights for fixed wing aircraft night ops. Helicopters may operate in hours of darkness with PPR

Flight Schools

External training flights from other schools are very welcome at Eshott. As always we do ask that you PPR as it may not be appropriate on the day given some activities that occur at Eshott Airfield.