Our Cessna Flying Lessons give an insight into what it is like to start the journey of becoming a pilot.  You’ll receive a briefing from one of our highly experienced instructors before walking out to the aeroplane and carrying out a pre-flight check of the machine. 

During your flight you’ll get the opportunity to take the aircrafts controls under the watchful eye of your instructor.  You’ll get an understanding of the effects of the aircrafts controls and get a taste of what it’s like to fly an aeroplane.  The lesson will count towards your PPL(A) Private Pilots Licence  if you continue with your training. 

Family and friends are welcome to join you for the briefing and will be able to get up close with the aircraft on the ground. They’ll be able to stay at the airfield clubhouse overlooking the runway as you take to the skies.  You can also book in on one of our hangar tours to see an insight into what goes on behind the scenes at Eshott Airfield.

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